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Visit Workplace House – a unique new London workspace that captures the best ways to work

Situated right in the heart of the London borough renowned for office design, next to Farringdon tube, is Workplace House - a collaboration between six companies, bringing together the best workplace furniture, interiors and technology within one agile showroom. This house of ideas operates as a living, breathing shared workplace for Ascentae, and our partners. But more than that, it’s designed as a catalyst to help users define the experience they want within their own offices.

      Captures the best ways to work through brands collaborating for the benefit of users
      Showcases the latest in agile and activity based working environments
      Demonstrates how technology, furniture, fixtures and people can converge in one space


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Why visit Workplace House

Traditionally, decisions on workplace design are made by talking to multiple providers and visiting numerous showrooms, making it challenging to view the project as a whole. Workplace House is different - a unique area that pushes visitors to think differently about elements such as technology, furniture, carpets, fixtures and the overall aesthetic of the workplace.


Best in breed

We believe that our partners can collectively offer more than the sum of their individual contributions. We bring together ‘best in breed’ brands representing each element of a modern workplace design, and demonstrate, in a live working environment, how these brands collaborate for the benefit of their customers.


Generate new ideas

We want the Workplace House experience to generate new ideas and fresh thinking for our visitors. It’s a space that helps open our visitors’ eyes and minds, and identify what they need for their own working environments.


Supports emerging trends

This is a space that demonstrates how multiple elements can come together to support agile methodologies, activity based working, multi-use areas or brand experience spaces.

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